Alumni Registration Form: 
We have been posting about 700 invitations every year based on the addresses noted through Registration forms for various meets and as collected from various Alumni. But, we are not sure whether they are reaching the respective Alumni or not; whereas, if it is once registered by the individual, we are sure of the details and the posting will be fruitful. Hence, we request those who have not attended the earlier meets to register with us and also help us in motivating your friends to register with the Association. In future, we may post only to those who have registered with the Association. Registrations can be done by post or by e mail. Changes if any in the details (address, phone numbers and e mail) given earlier may please be intimated by those who have registered earlier. 
Registration with the Alumni Association is free. We welcome Registration of Alumni from any place on the Globe. It is not limited to Hyderabad. This will facilitate updating the present Alumni Directory. >>> Alumni Registration Form


Association Membership Form:
You may agree that there will be at least 3,000 Alumni of our college living in Hyderabad. But, we have only 65 Patron Members and 255 Life Members of the Association as on 04-Oct-2014. We request all of you to enroll as Patrons / Life Members. The membership is not limited to Hyderabad alumni. Only when we grow in number we can take up many more activities. We request the youngsters to come forward to take lead in the activities. They have all the freedom. The qualifying contribution for Patrons is Rs. 10,000/- & more and for Life Members is Rs. 1,000/- & more. It is pooled into the Corpus Fund and it is held in the form of FDs in Oriental Bank of Commerce, Habsiguda, Hyderabad. The interest earned only qualifies for utilisation for the activities of the Alumni Association. >>> Association Membership Form


Association Member Profile Form:
we have 65 Patron Members and 255 Life Members of the Association as on 04-Oct-2014. We request all the Patrons / Life Members to complete the form with the details of Presently what they are doing, Earlier what they were doing, Achievement and awards family details and any details in specific as Alumnus and send a recent photograph (preferably with spouse). This will be a source of inspiration to all of us. >>> Association Member Profile Form